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Joys of Priesthood



The fraternity of the Priesthood is like no other, especially in the Diocese of Brooklyn because we are geographically a small diocese and therefore we are close together. Priests in the Diocese of Brooklyn often have the opportunity to support each other in our ministries as well as care of each other on the human level as well. Priests constantly see each other at diocesan celebrations and gatherings as well as celebrating priestly jubilee. Because of the uniqueness of of our diocese, the fraternity of priests forms a tight bond strongly shared.

Saving Souls

“Salus Animarum Suprema Lex” – The salvation of souls is the supreme law.


This is the mission statement of the priesthood. Our primary purpose is to bring souls home to the Lord. Priests do this in many different ways but primarily through the sacraments. Fighting day in and day out to save souls inspires courage in the priesthood and beckons priests to make a total self sacrifice in this ministry.

Changing Lives

“There can be no Eucharist without the priesthood, just as there can be no priesthood without the Eucharist”


(cf. Gift and Mystery. On the Fiftieth Anniversary of My Priestly Ordination, New York, 1996, pp.77-78).


The priesthood is important and necessary in the lives of the people. No one person or thing can ever replace the priesthood. It is a cause of change in the lives of the people.


It’s possible to find yourself amazed and overwhelmed before the extraordinary reality of the priesthood, so deep is the humility by which God stoops down from heaven in order to unite himself with man! If we feel moved before the Christmas crib, or when we contemplate the Incarnation of the Word, what must we feel before the altar where, by the poor hands of the priest, Christ makes his Sacrifice present in time? We can only fall to our knees and silently adore this supreme mystery of faith.



God has placed on each one of our hearts the desire for fulfillment, a desire for deep and authentic happiness. This desire is ultimately fulfilled in a relationship with God in Jesus Christ. True happiness is found in Christ – in our relationship with Him, in His will for us, and in a life given completely to Him. A vocation, then, is our path to perfect happiness, a journey by which God draws us closer to Himself through a life of holiness.


Your vocation truly is a calling. This means that it does not come from the world, or from ourselves. Rather, a vocation is an invitation from Jesus Christ to follow Him.



When considering the role of a priest, one cannot just outline the things he does; it is what he is that matters first and foremost. The priest, therefore, living in the midst of the people, is called to teach, sanctify and lead through service. He is called to serve others and will be involved in the many various circumstances of life. The priestly ministry is as varied as the men called to live this way of life. No two parishes are the same, and other ministries such as university and military chaplaincies are often undertaken by diocesan priests.


Stories of Priests