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ARS Program

Recognizing that not all graduates are ready to enter a college seminary program, the Diocese of Brooklyn wishes to develop a formal program for graduates to enter into serious discernment. Graduates are asked to be in participation of an accompaniment or journey that will help them know clearly the work God is calling them to do in life.


Priests will be asked to accompany these young men, and act in a position of external and internal forums. These priests will strive to be exemplary models among the young men in prayer, in service, and certainly in spiritual fatherhood.


Being part of a formal discernment group with other men of God with the same vocational desires can be a great support, and so it is important that this accompaniment not be a personal journey but one that is taken together.


This program in no way excludes them from being fully and completely involved in their colleges. Having a campus experience should ground the individual and enable him to foster other friendships that are truly Christ-centered.


Admission to the Fraternity


Openness to the Holy Spirit and commitment to the program are essentials to the program.  Therefore, there should be a formal “admissions” process. As they begin to seriously discern God’s call, so the Church begins to discern the candidate.


Participants agree to participate in the following activities:


1.)Meeting monthly on a zoom conference call
2.) Come together for Holy Hours with Eucharistic adoration with Liturgy of the Hours.
3.) Retreats

More Information


Request Information

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