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House of Discernment


The Diocese of Brooklyn has opened a House of Discernment to provide a supportive and prayerful community of faith to young men in college or working and who wish to seriously discern whether God may be calling them to the priesthood. Our goal continues to be that a man who is ready and able to apply for the seminary be able to do so. The House of Discernment seeks to help men discern whether or not they wish to apply for and enter a program of priestly formation in the seminary.


Men from 20 to 40 years of age, either working full-time or a full-time college student (or, possibly working and studying part-time), who wish to seriously discern a possible vocation to priesthood. Candidates for residence are usually recommended by a diocesan priest, must be interviewed by the Director and Spiritual Director of the House of Discernment, have a psychological evaluation, and agree to the terms of being a member of the House of Discernment community.

More Information


341 Highland Boulevard
Brooklyn, NY 11207
(adjacent to Carmelite Monastery, off Exit 2 of the
Jackie Robinson Parkway)


Residents of the House of Discernment would normally live in the house for one year. Every resident would be under spiritual direction and meet with the House Director on a regular basis in order to evaluate whether it is beneficial for them remain a member of the community.


Members of the House of Discernment community would not be considered “seminarians” of the diocese. A relationship is fostered between the seminary community (faculty and seminarians) and the members of the House of Discernment community.


The House of Discernment community, like the seminary community, relies on the prayerful support of the priests, religious, deacons, and laity of the diocese. The members of the House of Discernment are involved with a parish in such a way that their parish involvement would help them in discerning their vocations.


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