Is God calling me?

Identifying signs of a vocation to the priesthood and fostering it


Discerning Signs of a Vocation to the Priesthood
Discernment is Not Done Alone




Discernment is not done alone

It’s obvious that these are not easy questions, but the priesthood is not an easy life. Priesthood today can be a challenge, but as Jesus said: “… I am with you always” (Matthew 28:20)


When a man is  trying to answer these questions, he need someone older who has some experience and some training in helping others learn whether God is calling them to be a priest or not. A man needs someone who has answered the questions for himself. If you are wondering if God is calling you to the priesthood, the next step is to find a priest you can trust and ask his help.


Not every priest is comfortable helping someone make this decision. Don’t get discouraged if it takes some time to find a priest you can talk honestly with. It is worth the extra effort to find the right one. When you do, be as honest with him as you can. Tell him about yourself, your family, your friends, and your future plans. Let him know how you are answering these questions. Ask him to help you understand more deeply what God wants from you. Above all else, go frequently to the sacrament reconciliation and the Holy Mass. If you can’t go to Mass and communion everyday, try to go at least a few times during the week in addition to Sunday. Someone thinking about the priesthood should also try to go to confession at least once and preferably twice a month. The priest you are talking to can also help you with this.


It has often been said that “Vocations come from the family.” There are some exceptions, but a great majority of priestly and religious vocations can be traced back to parents, grandparents, and the experience of family life. So many priests point to the example of faith and prayer that they experienced in their parents, grandparents, or another member of their family that led them not only to have a strong faith but to consider a vocation to priesthood. Some priests point to the example and encouragement that they received from a priest in own life; perhaps in their parish, at school, or in another setting that led them to think that Jesus was calling them.


Very often we “hear” the call of Jesus through other people who inspire us by their example and encourage us respond to His call.


"I want to be a priest"

Msgr. Michael J. Hardiman

It is 1957 and my first week of school at St. Teresa School in Woodside.  I had turned six in June and so was probably the oldest in the first grade.  Sometime during the week Sister Margaret Agnes had asked us what we wanted to be when we grew up and I had responded, “I want to be a priest.”  Sister made it her business to tell my mother immediately.  Mom told Dad and their quiet encouragement and support began that day and continued for the rest of their lives until I was ordained and beyond...

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